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Dear Parents, Lacrosse Players & Coaches,
I  hope by now you have heard the fabulous news that FFHS will field a Women’s Lacrosse Team for the first time in spring 2016!   We have over 20 young ladies interested in playing and many of them have never picked up a stick before!  This is exciting news but to keep this program going and growing, we really need to continue to focus on our middle school and elementary age programs in the OBX.
Last year you expressed interest – either with your daughter as a player or as a coach.  Unfortunately we did not have enough girls to field a team last year for the middle school girls or the elementary school girls but many elementary school girls have now moved to middle school and I think we should give it another try!  I want to ensure that these interested young ladies have the opportunity to play on our new high school team and in order to keep the team alive – we need young ladies in middle school to have the opportunity to play.
Here is what we need – at least 14 players in middle school willing to be on the OBX LAX Club team and play teams in Hampton Road through the HRLAX league (this is the league we have been a part of in the past . . . we practice locally and normally play games in Hampton Roads area on Saturday’s during the season.)
Second we need a coach.  To coach a middle school team doesn’t take any special talent other than a desire to see this age group have the opportunity to play.  I coached middle school for two years and have never played the game.  Simply – my daughter wanted to play and I had to coach in order to make that happen!  Getting certified to be coach for the HRLAX league is not difficult and I would help anyone interested every step of the way. 
If we can get enough girls to play and at least one coach, I will help the team throughout the season in any way that I can.  I am sure we could even get the new high school team to give some clinics or combine some practices to teach fundamentals.
Let’s give these young ladies on the Outer Banks the opportunity to play the fastest game on two feet in middle school so they can be part of the FFHS Women’s Lacrosse program when they get to high school!
Please respond and let me know if your daughter is interested in being on a middle school club team and/or you have any interest in coaching (or know of someone who would be willing to coach a team for the spring season.)
Thank you!
Michelle A. Staten